Fast, Efficient, Cloud-Based Taxi Dispatch Technology

Vgo apps power taxi and logistics services

A powerful suite of web and mobile apps that dramatically improve the service quality of your taxi operation.

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Thousands of customers, drivers and vehicles are managed on the Vgo platform every day.

Vgo dispatch and driver apps

We manage the fleet, you run the business.

Whether it’s managing vehicles and staff, accepting requests and dispatching, or keeping an eye on the big picture, Vgo ensures you have the best platform to keep everything functioning smoothly.

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Designed to empower your taxi business

Manage your fleet

Keep track of all your vehicles and drivers in real time, view their status, plan trips and assign jobs in an instant.

Accept online bookings

Our fully customizable online booking forms and consumer apps makes ordering your services effortless for your customers.

View detailed reports

Your Vgo dashboard gives you a clear overview of how your fleet is doing, and you can view detailed, up-to-date information instantly.

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Vgo is not only packed with great features to run a successful taxi business, it can also be customized to fit your exact needs!

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